"My residence was more favorable, not only to thought, but to serious reading, than a university."

There is a lot of material available to read online, and we spend a lot of time reading it, or at least scrolling through it.
This week, read READING in Walden, and take a look at what you read and why.
We here at Leon's are reading The Grapes of Wrath, about the destruction of local agriculture by huge corporations and the tragedy that followed.
No reason to despair, reason to do something in the opposite direction so to speak.
We have taken many pictures of the flowers which bloomed last week, the violets, azaleas, apple trees, etc.
We are debating what to do with the oak wood we harvested while planning on planting a Mother's day rose, and we are grateful to say that soon ourdonated seeds will arrive
Here is where we should put the slider of all the plants. YUP, fosho. Except the slider is messed up.