ALBINO TO ZENO: An economics primer on The brand of love and an economics that serves humans instead of harming them.

IF you want a cheat sheet on the whole mass of website, read: FROM ALBINO TO ZENO: The abbeccedario for Pinocchios of any age who don't want to be puppets.
Pinocchio was portrayed as wrong in the story for lying to Geppetto, and selling his reader to go to the theater where he thought he could have fun and eventually "make a quick buck" as they say.
Tolkien would say, that is all well and good if the teachers are happier than Mangiafuoco, and teach the students to be happy, but sometimes they are not and they pass that on to the students.
Tolkien would say, that drama is not the highest form of art, instead, it is faerie, which gives real hope to the human heart, and should play a far more central part in human life than the mere cameos of "LA FATA".
Edoardo di Bennato notes that school has gotten so off the track that the "saggi and onesti" have turned to killing each other.
We must make friends with dishonest wealth to progress from ALBINO to ZENO: from the hope of a civilization of love to the incarnation of that.

ALBINO: Pope Luciani the light of dawn, the fire of a comet who streaked across the sky, the smiling revolutionary pope who died quickly and whom many believed was murdered over economic reasons .
BUGATTI: a beautiful brand of behicle to burn the bones of a brontosaurus, designed by a horse lover.
CHIMINEA: an ancient way of cooking pizza which is quite on trend.
DAMIEN: the leper of Molokai.
ENGEL: a heavenly messenger.
FRASSATI: the man of the beatitudes.
GABUZZO: a pre Christian tribe that epitomizes Owen Barfields "Ancient unities".

Money causes so much war and violence. Jesus in fact said "the love of money is the root of all evil."
But money is still with us, so how to move beyond this power construct into a uguaglianza? It's not as easy as it might seem, and everybody has to more or less agree on common values but at least people are talking about it.
Don Zeno the forward thinking founder of Nomadelfia and perhaps the incarnation of Harold Berman's theories of law and religion, went bankrupt and was forced to leave the priesthood, only returning when the contessa gave him a piece of property.
Its worth noting that Zeno put his money where his mouth was from an early age. At 14, he quit school, believing in Pasolinian fashion that the workers on the farm had more to teach him.
He only went back when a well educated anarchist left him tongue tied in an argument.
At a meeting regarding Don Zeno and the constitutions of valentino day, 1948 (this is historically accurate) The gabuzzo clan was debating the copyright issues surrounding their new fashion line "valentino gabuzzo" in light of the wars between Mario Valentino and Valentino Geravase.
Scherzi aparte, or jokes aside, everyone knows that brands were originally devised to keep ownership of livestock straight.
An iron was placed in fire, then burned into the skin of the poor unfortunate animal, who must have had no idea what he did wrong.
The first graduation of Lanciano high led to the Bugatti graduation, the beautiful bugattis being branded with the horseshoe due to Ettore's love of horses.
But dud and the angel got to thinking...Does Gesu have a brand? Is God marketable and if so, what is the market value of God?
Deep in prayer, the answer came: yes, He does have a brand: its cross, but moreso even than that, the sacred heart, pierced with a lance.
In other words, God's brand is love, the love that is stronger than death.
The ancient Greeks supposed that Eros was the child of Mars and Venus, or, ove and war.
The spear, in the heart of love. This is our existence. That is the brand of Jesus... Neocities.