the economic origins of Uriel University.
(If you want to play with the letter E, you could call it Extraordinary Empathy and Excessive Extant Equity: the Eucatastrophic Eucharistic Economics of Existential Endgames.
The whole project grew out of an unrealized thesis about the sacredness of reality, so if many pictures of moons and stars and volcanos amd many large words are used, it is not to brag, only to demonstrate that we did in fact do our homework but "the deranged dog ate it" so to speak).

No matter who you are, you too reflect the energy that gives life to the universe, thus you are good.
purveyors of joy dont get enough economic equity and why is this so?Fans of The valanga, let us rejoice in the past three years of virtual volcanos.
We are glad to share life with you and raise a glass of wine to your blessedness in paradise.
At this point we have an announcement: we, the victims of violence, are going to be upfront about our story.
Inspired by events starting with the flight of "el puma", skirmishes relating to ancient nobility, the Marathon bombing, the election of Pope Francis, the suicide of Aaron swartz, the arrest and eventual suicide of aaron hernandez, the vandalizing and subsequent removal of the sleepwalker statue, the allocation by President obama of considerable economic resources to fight mental distress, the me too movement, the rise of socialism a la Bernie Sanders, and now, the corona virus and the worldwide protests stemming from the iconic death of George Floyd, we know this year is special.
Yes we have been disorganized but that is only so we can be better.
The Valanga di Vita is really about being chased out of our lives due to the mental distress of others.
That's what its about.

and lest you speculate that keeping the moon lit up is easy for Energy to do read thisKeeping the torch litmaintaining a virtual beacon of hope requires a lot of dedication too!
This is a picture of the Easter moon.

in the beginning the word and the sprite brooded over the waters and a voice said let there be light! Yes its true the monetine monfiale page was the original neocities page for valanga.It started out referencing Matilda and the plant among other themes but thivngs got volcanic as they often do and the lava blew out of control and spewed energy in a great pyroclasti flow. our motto mobilizing the vitality of goodness is the perfect description of what happened. Now we return to our paradise quest but this time with guides geppetto and grillo level one gandalf and galadriel level two giorgio and girolamo level three gemmi and gelli level four gabriele and guardiano level five guadalupe and gesu level six and tjen jackpot! Garden Paradise!!
Regarding lunacy and the bella luna.Mental illness has long been and remains a societal stigma and consequently those who care for the mentally ill under duress are often shunned stigmatized and silenced, with no hope if economic or socisl restitution. Hence the cherry moon og the Easter this year and the strawberry moon of June which which illuminate the unsayable stories.Let there be light snd let that light illuminate the darkness. Amen. garden!!!!!