See today's Bible readings for more info. (It is the feast of the Stigmata of St Francis which Pio displayed visibly for 50 years, and also the Feast of Robert Bellarmine.) it is always advisable to see the bible readings, and effectively costs nothing in terms of $.
As it is Rosh Hashanah the Jewish New year, when Jews confess their sins and start anew, we thought it expedient to bless everyone with the "wounded hand" of Christ which will wash all the errors of your past year away and let you start over with a firm resolve to be good!
If you are here to learn how to be more like Jesus, go to the skandalon skole page. If you are wasting time harassing people, there will soon be a price to access the materials, which will weed out the riff raff. Because if you have time to sit around watching screens and harassing people illegally, you have time to earn a dollar and buy us some milk duds.
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