v is for all veterans of violence...lets turn the voting victory into a victory for love.
The Landslide of Life is the English translation of valanga di vita.
There has been considerable confusion about this whole project.
The valanga was a company by accident, (and that company was initially a botched attempt to assist a group of salvadoran refugees in documenting the threat to their lives that had caused them to seek asylum in the United States it was realized that victims of so called "non state" violence need asylum as much and perhaps more because no one discusses it honestly.
First though a word about Asylum. What is it?
Since few people have time to read the bible or listen to the stories in the bible which are told each day at Catholic Masses, a large percentage of the population of the United States is conflicted about the term ASYLUM--unaware that ASYLUM as a concept does not originate with walls, or DACA or asylum cities or even the second world war and polticial asylum from dictators.
The earliest known case of ASYLUM in the lore of the Torah is a case of mercy so mindboggling it would seem fabulous, fantastic maybe even forgiving to a fault, in our BS culture of blame games.
The first Loss of Life after the Exile from Eden was Cain, murdering Abel in a fit of jealous rage over God's favor.
People now had to work by the sweat of their brow: life was hard, as a result of some sort of shame, (who told you you were naked) we had become slaves of toil.
Abel gave God the good stuff, and Cain probably ate it himself. God warned Cain and therefore had the right to punish him; howver does not strike back at the cowering Cain who comes begging for mercy, instead he gives Cain instant asylum in cities where he would be safe from Abels tribe.
Whats' more, God swears that anyone who touches Cain, a murderer and a traitor, is going to feel the wrath of God. How would that fly in a court of law these days? Answer: not so high. We think we know more than God.
We all need to meditate on this for a minute. This is mercy of a minblowing magnitude. And yet that story is situated at the beginning of salvation history.
If Cain has the right to asylum, though, certainly abel has it too.

THe next concept which needs to be touched on is vendetta, which God wished to protect Cain from.
Vendetta, an ancient form of justice in the ancient world, which is essentially justifiable violence against our neighbor.
The story of Cain teaches us that God understands the urge to vendetta, and at the same time has utter compassion upon the one who instigated the violence.
To quote a famous line form Shakespear "teh quality of mercy is not strained."
In other words, God wants to save everyone, not in some amorphous, abstract way but by providing concrete safety and lodging and love.
This is very high moral ground; in fact it is impossible without help.
Furthermore, it is important to realize that despite the victorian tendency to paint families as saccherine-flavored entities, Cain and Abel were brothers...it is often in earthly families that the most dangerous and violent situations exist, where cruelty is suffered by the most compassionate.

The "company" never had an internet presence apart from a program designed to mitigate mental disease, created long before the formation of the "company". The program was originally based on an essay called "the unhappy young people" by a dead film director from Italy named Pasolini.
Despite Pasolini's life story which is offensive to many, his description of society, the family wars, culture wars, drug wars, gender wars, class and race wars, economic wars, is very perceptive.
The year before he was beaten to death with a blunt object, and run over repeatedly by a car while in the company of an underage prostitute, he had pointed the finger at himself and his colleagues in politics and business for rising crime, drug addiction, violence and despair.
Pasolini linked these phenomena to American money poured into the italian economy on condition that the government embrace the American values of hedonism, agnosticism, and consumerism.
You give the young no reason to live, he ranted,
While Pasolini's rant is not widely known in Enlish, his portrayal of society corresponds to the poignant plea of Matilda Lando in "The Professional: "I want love or death" begs the 12 year old Matilda, before attempting to blow her own brains out with a pistol.
A pragmatic hitman, Leon replied, "get off my case."But he pushed the pistol away from her head.
In an attempt to prevent this kind of misuse of weaponry, it was thought that if Pasolini's essay was made available in English for free it might save a lot of lives and money, and prevent much pain.

Pasolini in his proposal of a new high school curriculum based on a pedagogy of happiness,
Reacting strongly to the gang rape fo a young woman, he announced his view that the compulsory secular school system itself was complicit in creating this kind of amoral young man.
Reality he says is a stronger and more effective teacher than anything else, as well as peers, parents, school and finally television (now the internet and social media,)
Pasolini was not beloved of the catholic church predominant in Italy at the time, and he was also frustrated because the pope had failed to locate his father who went missing in Africa on a military assignment and came back crazy.
but he believed that reality itself was sacred to God, a kind of sacrament having been invented by God to show love to creatures.
This proposal of his corresponds to a philosophical movement called "phenomenology".
The Phenomenon of Pier Giorgio Frassati seems to answer the problem of the "unhappy young people"--Pier giorgio seems to be the Gennariello Pasolini wants to engage with, the Gennariello who shines and shines and is dubbed "Man of the beatitudes" or "Happy man,"
As for the patron saint of putting it on the internet, we originally chose Aaron swartz the "internet's own boy" but the recently beatified carlo acutis is a good one if you're looking for more.

Eventually,Harry Frankfurt's Bullshit theory was used to introduce people to phenomenology, and Tolkien and Thoreau's popular philosophies of happiness were added to Pasolini's, since they were more familiar to Americans.
one was based on Eucatastrophe and the other on nature.

It so happened that in the course of time, various materials were used online to provide an education to people who came from traditions where education was valued, but whose home lives were unstable and dangerous.
Thus, the uriel system is a collection of materials used to build an education for, ironically, a "ghetto university" for those perceived as "privileged" who in fact had no home.
The only public service project proposed by this posse was primarily to propagate and to popularize pasolini's paradise pedagogy to the public if possible
The real origins of the valanga's Existence as a phenomenon was not part of this program and in fact what was to become the skandalon skoolz and eventually uriels, was private, as the participants were always under threat of violence and lived hidden in ghettos where their lives were protected.
It gradually began to resemble a formal educational system, because that's in fact what it was.
one early iteration of a Skandalon Skoolz public home page
The horseshoe is meant to bridge the gap between a Bensonhurst Graduation and a Uriel Gradution by remembering the Double U horseshoe in the bugatti grill.
Also, horseshoes are lucky, like stars.

The materials available are useable as trimester courses that are on a par with any 16 year educational program .
Each level requires the equivalent of 36 classes.
The following is a list of four courses that are legitimate for the Eucatastrophe- based art and beauty trimester; this list is by no means exclusive: Art History, the Aeneid, Acting, Musical psychology.
the Following list is applicable to Gaia, also understood as Thoreau's transcendental nature based philosphy: Angelic Astronomy, High voltage Volcanology, gardening for gusto, alegbra for architects.
It is believed that these materials placed in the context of "Eucatastrophe" "phenomenology" and "gaia" are an antidote to mental illness and a strong foundation for a civilization of love.

used the figure of Luther in the title, he was also intrigued by New York city and by St Paul, in fact he wrote a script for a movie about st Paul in New York that has only been produced off broadway if our sources are correct.
Who was St, paul if not the counterpart of the priest Zacariah, the self assured, wealthy highly educated "pharisee as to the law" who was not struck dumb by Gabriel, but literally blinded by the light of Jesus,
He later warned that our battle is with the fallen angels, and this was taken up by Pope Leo 13 who claimed to have overheard Satan mocking Jesus, as one general will mock another in war.

A volcano is a good metaphor for explosive events that kill many people in one part of the world, while the greater part of the human population is oblivious.
According to the Smithsonian Institute volcano project, There are about 20 volcanos erupting every day, on average.
Yet, we do not hear or see them, so we do not realize how devastating they are to our brothers and sisters.

It is the name of the company.. really just the name of what we are..the human family, full of life as a volcano is full of lava.

This is written in English...so English is essential to understand this page.. Why? because...we have to have a common language.

The Legends and Lore of the Landslide will be located in the L list.
( It doesnt mean English is "the best" language, or the "official" language, just the one we are using here as the default so people dont' get confused.
in fact Italian is more musical in a lot of ways, but English is more irregular, since its a hodgepodge, Italian was from Latin which is laid out like a Roman city, very organized. Poets can argue forever about which langauge they prefer but we have to use English because more people understand it at this present moment.).
you know what friends and neighbors? Maybe we're all up waiting for the results but we are the movement.
The funny thing about the internet is, anybody can say anything and anybody can see it...so HELLO WORLD.
This used to be thought of as a private page for participants in the paradise project but why shouldn't it be globaL?
why should we hide? we are doing a good thing, we are not doing a bad thing! so the light should shine.
ok we have a message for you all..PIZZA E LEGGE, UGUALIANZA E' GIUSTIZIA...this comes from todays gospel as well as the message of the spirit to our hearts, and the AVALANGA BUGATTI CHIMINEA abbecceddario of Martin de porres. What the fugazzo are yo talking about? read on...A word about Abagnale...was he not the quintessential gabuzzo? gatsby somehow is Di caprio...while the grapes of wrath headed west, Gatz headed east...to join the gabuzzi? Just like Jack dawson...like Abagnale..but did Di caprio go too far? Did he become the wolf he sought to upend? We need the new PORZIUCULA, OF Los Angeles, the one dreamt of by the puma, the "LEGGE DI AMORE" TO REPLACE THE LAW OF VIOLENCE AND VENDETTA FOREVER
We need to smile. ok-- V is unfortunately also for virus, and its been a cruel, cruel summer.
The university menu is the third column of the plug, the U of PLUG.
Please click HEREfor the beginning of an explanation of our money saving and, literally life saving mission to the world.
we are poor, and downtrodden but at least now the world will know why and we will be bullied no longer in secret. ALL OF GOD'S LIGHTS will shine.

is for EQUINOX
WE FIXED THE DOMAIN, and see our equinox page for a tribute to the Bugatti Horseshoe grill.

It's election day and its V am...five am was when the Gabuzzi got up to hear Padre Pio....is this astonishing? TO them, Pio was a "good guy"Elections are really always and everywhere about money...we say that Voting is all about the law,but its really about how we deal with being exiled from Eden, where fruit was free and nobody had to fight about it.
The law of moses came from the volcano and was written on rock, but the new law of love is written on the human heart....it only comes about through economic justice, however, that is the key.
There was no money in Eden and no law except "dont eat the poisonous fruit" whichis pretty much logical, so shouldnt we be moving in that direction?
meditating on V for Vendetta, volcano valanga and Violence...and how did Engelblau Enter the Epic Tale of the Valanga? How did he set himself up as the "captain" as it were, Pier Giorgio's bodyguard or however you wish to envision it? It has to do with the intersection of Faith and Order, which is a Berman thing, but it turns out, that E is the most common letter in the ENGLISH language, and apparently comes from an old Egyptian word picture meaning REJOICE.
that means, joy may have been the first and or the most common emotion and is that what Engel is here to say?
IS that why Pope Frank wrote Evangelium Gaudio? And are not the gabuzzos the embodiment of that ancient joy, before we were exiled from Eden?
Why, you ask, is the company La valanga di Vita, the domain engelblau.com and the webpage Monetine Mondiali? Is that a subterfuge? Well, honestly, it speaks to our mission...and we are preparing a course the link doesnt work yet because we have to make sure that the language on that page is ok, that will explain all these issues for those who are curious about the origins of the valangaverse.
The company was acccidentally named for Pier Giorgio frassatiand since we engaged an inexpensive hosting company in Australia when Liquidweb sold their small accounts, and that company refused to release the domain without a fight. We had to call the Australian BBB, who said that they had no time to fight all those cases...over the course of time, we were stiffed by a number of companies trying to hone in on the domain market in rather shady ways..they wait for you to invent a domain, then they hike the rents on it, and then steal it and sell it back to you...sound familiar, tenants of the greedy landlords of earth? Yeah. even NAMECHEAP ripped us off a few times, but only larger sums of money are an adequate defense to large sums..thus, we leave engelblau in charge, and hope he will protect our website. As soon as we find a host we can trust completely not to take over, namecheap is history.
But who is engelblau? The icon of the guardian angel which we believe every person has, though not every person is aware of or prays to.
Paul Klee the cultured swiss painter and musician, when dying of a disease began to paint many angels which are now very popular as coloring books material.
ENGEL LAUSCHENS, the listening angel, is our image of engelblau, it is in the public domain, and we believe and hope it reminds us, that our angels protect us and listen attentively to our requests.
...Worldwide Coin...and the public explanation for an LLC hastily contrived to protect the leopards money-what was left of it after everyone else grabbed their outsized shares-- after her brother's divorce and the "return of the wack" as it were.
The DOUBLE U companies was a response to violence.
For Trump, an LLC is a tax evasion stunt. For others, it's a "family violence, poverty, terror, homelessness and death" evasion stunt.
money is probably the single most important reason people don't "just leave" a person who is harming them, becuase if you have enough money you can take everyone you love with you, far far from danger.
It is true that sometimes even wealthy people can be trapped, like the stockbroker Nancy Salomone who waited 20 years to admit her domestic situation....they are scared, confused and ashamed....most of the time, the violent person blocks access to money because they know El Chapo's saying "plata or plombo" are the two best ways to get your own way.
Monetine mondiali...After all, if you had been gypped out of a very costly degree because you were taking care of your mentally ill brother, and then called lazy, wouldnt you want the world to know?
The leopard's departure from the garden school happened on this wise...one night, the loco terrorized the dormitory where she was staying, pounding on the door after hours and demanding to see his sister.
The colombian drug lord, the deadly bodyguard, showed up, broke in through a window and presented himself as the "boyfriend" though his english wasn't that great, nobody dared to ask him anything.
And the leopard was informed that this could not continue.
what they really meant of course was that it would not continue for them.
For the leopard, it has continued from that day to this, with consequences that cannot be repaired by any earthly means.
There is a family court, a tenants court, a bankruptcy court, a commercial court, a court for almost every woe, but there is no court titled "reparations court for younger sister to award damages from war between insane grandfather, insane father and insane brother"
Her friend had applied for the two of them to go to Italy the following spring, Pasolini's alma matter, the University of Bologna.
It was almost free, though the friend, a transferee from dartmouth, didn't care much about that, it sure was a draw to the leopard.
The friend was lonely, asking the leopard where to get drugs on campus (I have no idea, said the leopard, why ask me? You seem so hip to everything, said the friend. Could the leopard explain why? No.) The friend complaining that Dartmouth men were so cold they would sleep with you and then not even say hello to you in the quad the next day...and often accompanied the leopard to Mass in Little Italy on Sunday if the leopard wasnt working, followed by cappucino where the leopard would blow all her extra cash from the grocery job, after which the leopard would return to school, while the friend would visit her boyfriend who the mother was putting up at the Ritz Carlton (you can't make this stuff up.)
Bologna beckoned, but the thought of leaving her parents to be killed in a bloody fashion by the loco along with the sister too maybe ( I will do it, don't doubt me, he often screamed at her) was too much to bear.
The leopard went to the dean, explained that the dormitory had laid down an ultimatum, and asked if she could take some time off, to care for her brother who was severely mentally ill. Of course, take all the time you need, said the dean. Im sorry to hear about your brother.
This was not true, however, for when she returned, the dean said there had been a mistake, and the leopard was not eligible for a diploma from that school.
And if that mental illness had cost you in addition to that lost degree and sidelined career, hundreds of thousands of hard earned dollars that were spent needlessly while you were homeless...and went to waste on vacations for psychiatrists who were not doing anything to cure the illness, because they did not know that it comes from spiritual emptiness...if we would simply listen to the voice in our hearts, and spread the MUCH MORE ECONOMICALLY SOUND message that the LORD OF LOVE is real, that He loves us and He only wants our love in return...doesnt this reality need to be known?
if after spending the last money you had in the world to stave off your brother's violence by buying him a house he could live in with section 8 money, he forced you to pay the mortgage with your very last $15000 while he spent $50,000 of the family money on his own place because he was ashamed to admit he needed section 8?
Yes, you would want your day in court as well, even if he choked the life out of you like the boyfriend of Kathryn Keats Conti once threatened to do. But her son Renny is now on bandcamp, articulating their reality in music.
Perhaps this is a better way.
A less confrontational and a less deadly way.
But how is all this a public service?
It is, if the public benefits from our hard won experience, and our knowledge of why we did not go insane, though obliged to live in hell for many years without a respite, leading a terrified (and very expensive)psychiatrist who with her husband offered to help, then ran away from the loco the minute they saw him, to say to the leopard, "you have the strongest psyche I've ever seen.".
THat music is an economic alternative to therapy is becoming more and more clear to academics. see for example, THE HEART THAT FEELS MUSIC WILL FEEL PEOPLE

In regards to the core curriculum, this would fall more into the category of Phenomenology than Eucatastrophe.
What after all are equitably remedies if not a way to truly restore justice to a rank injustice?
We're just saying that because angels are so kind, people often think they are sissies.
Which, quite the contrary. They are simply kind.
Here is a lecture on how fast someone's economic fortunes, even if they are very well regarded, can go down the chute if they try to say something unpopular.
we have not heard it yet, we are hearing it now.
The Leopard, before her schooling was wrecked off the chart by her brother's insanity, wished to study political science.
This is often interdisciplinary with deep discussions about the roots of how we treat one another in civil society, which is often called Political philosophy.
Why the GULAG archipelago? Because the story of Uriel's is similar, and similarly rejected...Universal basic income is a necessity, not out of force, but out of personal love from one to another..no, we do not believe that the cream rises to the top..we do not believe that capitalism is the messiah like answer to communism and fascism...Jordan Peterson is not God...though he understands rats in terror of cats and screaming, as the prisoners of the gulag may scream, he does not understand the woman screaming at Humongous, she too is terrorized. (and rightly so, if you have ever been raped you will agree)Jordan says he "does not believe in God, but is afraid God exists" and this is honest, for a God who gets crucified is a harsh, harsh reality...and as he says, the nihilists cannot face down the existentialists. LOVE is the answer and none of us have enough of it and Jordan too became addicted to drugs when his wife got cancer and he was supremely depressed, as any human being would be.

This page was originally dedicated to economics hence the title MONETINE MONDIALI, and was intended to protect money from violent people who steal it and wreak continual havoc, and prevent others from earning and keeping what is rightfully theirs, even if those others have given them everything.
paparazzi have been on the tail of the All of Gods lights tour, and the post pandemic rosary tour, and discovered a little known but explosive war between two rival gangs both known as LA, the first, LOVES ABERCROMBIE and the second, LOS ANGELES, the Street gangs of Los Angeles populated by ice cold salvadoran death worshippers.
Milk dud is up anyway to mail a letter in that critical fifteen minute window after all the wolves go to bed at four thirty and the regular hasslers wake up at four forty five, so she offered to guide the reporters to the gang lairs for twenty dollars. Here are the loves abercrombie headquarters... she pointed to a head shop, they think they are real bad cause they pay a hundred for a tattoo at this head shop and crush out their cigarettes in the street while they badmouth their girlfriends, for not knowing the commandments of moses which tbh they dont know either.
And over here, the LA, whose tattoos are carved in blood with prison shivs and who would slit your throat as soon as shake your hand.
When milk dud didnt want to tangle with these types, she got a godfather...because the abercrombie gangsters ran away from the maras....they left their tough guy acid tabs behind..that must mean she's a tramp.

THIS JUST IN, ARCHANGEL URIEL HAS ANNOUNCED A TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY REPRISAL OF KANYE'S GHETTO UNIVERISTY HIT, THE "ALL OF GOD"S LIGHTS" TOUR...in a recent interview with VICE, uriel reportedly stated bluntly, (without a blunt in his mouth because he doesn't smoke weed, not even backwoods)...Yeah, we're going to turn up the lights on all this, extra bright, you know what I need? I need you all to see this.
When Kranium (who was trying to imitate Kanye Kim Kris Kendall Kieley and the whole stupid masonic circle K conglomerate of materialistic greed) said "nobody haffi know: uriel simply tossed him out the back of the turnip truck into a field of weeds, where foraging boars ate all his gucci threads and left him in the muck. Shuckers.
Lucifer who had backed Kranium with a pile of under the table "nobody haffi know" money, and frankly thought "all the lights" were his (sorry, luci) went for vendetta and blew stink bombs all over chelsea to force dud to sleep under the billyburg bridge in a windstorm, but Pope Leo showed up with fragrant flowers from heavenly gardens,- and thwarted the plan.

THIS JUST IN, FAULTY DL HAS ANNOUNCED A NEW POST PANDEMIC ROSARY TOUR...after eating one too many non pizza mushrooms, Drew thought he saw deblasio flying over Fifth avenue dressed as a penguin.
Friends intervened and dragged him to a Frassati session and now he's taking the magic on tour. What if the whole world said the rosary? is the tour tagline.
Cause yeah, milk dud can make up stories too.
Meanwhile the cake meant for party cossacks was hijacked and Dud couldn't even find out about it, since her phone was turned off. Seem off to you? Yeah, seems off to us as well.

In urban slang, a plug is a person who can put you in touch with something you need.
Are you looking for Paradise? What do you think paradise is worth in economic terms? How do we get there as a human family?
We learn the way as we go, and education is part of that way.
It's easy to lose the way though, and become discouraged or unhappy in the process.
Engelblau is the plug.
Check for updates periodically as we are in the process of NEUBAU or new construction.
To access a simple landing page for students and faculty, check HERE