(Note to the legalistic amongst us: And when you have heard the story told by the tufted ear witness, you can decide the economic value of the leopards' service to her enemies and to whom should we serve process for a civil action?
or..is it a criminal charge that we should bring?
You decide. For, under the cherry moon where people try to flee the murderous powers, where judges are violent, the violent shall now be judged.)
(Meanwhile, we need to amend the stated purpose of the Valanga to include the "cherry moon trust for victims of violence, with priority given to the most vulnerable, as in the LAST shall be FIRST and those who were mercilessly abused shall hold the key to the treasury".)
Need comic relief? Yeah, so do we. Let's roll past Mar al Lago in the only one blau angel flight bufatti.
That'll get em.

In 1605 Guido Fawkes became famous and inspired the movie V for Vendetta.
In 1990 Pier Giorgio Frassati became beato, and inspired the charitable company the Valanga di Vita

ORIENTATION WEEK FALL 2020: Beginning Friday with Pius X, for those of us who follow the "rock" headed doctrines of Christ regarding the Papacy, we're heading into OR-IENTATION week, or should we say UR-ientation week, which was named for URIEL, the FIRE OR LIGHT of God.
OR meaning light, as in "TOV HA OR MIM HA HOSHEK."
Which is "Light is better than darkness" in a Jesus-type dialect.
Restore all things in Christ, cried Pio x just before the war broke out and viscerated so many human beings.
Please, please let's start loving each other with the fire God gave us...I have come to start a fire upon the earth, Jesus said, and how I wish it were already kindled.
and we are trying to restore the internal combustion del Sol engine that harnesses the fire of the volcano.
(incidentally a car registration can run $50, and let's not even discuss the taxes and insurance if those are due, and gasoline is not free, even if the dinosaurs who died to provide it are not going to see any of the profits.)
We are striving valiantly to walk in the ways of babylon and survive...meanwhile..ALl students of gaia theory are encouraged to study Sadi carnot as well as our lady of Fatima, and volcanology as well as Uriel. For, what we can see is a sign of what we cannot. And remember today's gospel: you shall love the lord god with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your strength and you shall love your neighbor as yourself. This is the law and the prophets.
In other words, its' a JESUS CHEAT SHEET so MEMORIZE IT.
If you like the feminine side of holiness, saturday is the feast of MARIA REGINA DELLE ANGELI which is equally full of light, as she is the woman "clothed with the sun" with the "moon under her feet" and a "crown of 12 stars upon her head." For more on Astronomy and Guadalupe, read about the significance of all the aspects of the image on the tilma.
During this week, practice true UR-ientation: LIVE IN THE PRESENCE OF YOUR ANGELS, and if you do not believe these exist, turn toward the light of life however you perceive it, from stars to volcanos to cell phone screens, and try to turn the bow of your boat straight toward the light, like an ancient mariner using the stars and the lighthouse at Alexandria to find his way home.


TWO; COMMON CORE AND COR DEL VOLCAN. Take your exams, both state and Angelic, and decide what courses you like.
Uriel's is a build your own degree school, so any subject matter is fair game, as long as you are rigorous about the way you approach it.
We will be posting suggestions.
we will be making the website easier to navigate paso a paso.
Paso a paso, vamos a llegar.

LISTEN LIKE A LYNX TO THE ANGELS..AND LEARN TO HEAR THE VOICE OF THE HAPPY ONES..ON the day of good news, Kan u hear Kranium whispering nobody has to know? ca you hear the cynics whispering to the joy of your heart that Jesus isnt' real or that he didnt really come back to life, or that he doesnt love you? DON'T LISTEN.
its Sunday morning and the sun is rising...can you hear Bowie singing, a true story wants to be told on the silent earth? Can you hear Kranium whispering nobody haffi know? Which one are you going to listen to, the angel of the vangelo or the angel of domination and darkness? the one who blows the trumpet of joy, or the one who stuffs a rag into it?
Its Sunday, the 23rd..do you remember last month when we were up with Mary Magdalene the saint whom men painted as a "hoe"? It took Pope Frank, frankly, to set the public record straight on that one.
thank frank.
As Mary rushed along the dawn streets, probably in fear of the jonesing johns she may have ignored the night before due to her new found pride as a child of Jesus, and ignoring hteir judge style shouts, You wannt F me you B? she was propelled onwards by some interior voice, she was a Jew just finishing Sabbath..we forget how bloody the Pasch was..dead Hebrew slaves...dead Egyptian kids...dead soldiers in the red sea..and this was the foundation of The good news, the catholic mass which is a form of cannibalism.
Of course, "nobody haffi know" we can just keep our clean no blood rituals, the ones that allow judges and others in power to masquerade as respectable while they beat up their kids, instead of confronting their sins. nobody haffi know.
But if you plug the volcano, eventually it's going to blow, and when that happens, you're realize its safer in the end to tell the story then to keep silent.
Having experienced satan first hand after her friends messed around with a ouja board and asked her to "get rid of the bad spirit" which was bothering them, which the leopard had no idea how to do, she did a project on the evolution of the concept of evil in her biblical exegisis class.
"know your enemy" she reasoned, and we better figure out what in HELL we're up against, whether we believe in it or not.
The figure of Satanas went from being an enemy of hte human race, almost a jealous older brother, to the enemy of God over many centuries.
Now, he is the enemy of the Virgin Mary..the mother of Jesus, the leopard concluded proudly, she is the one who will crush the serpent, just as the Aztecs forsaw.
As usual, her speech got an A and the professor, a doctoral divinity student at harvard (and a reverend who dindt believe in god but that's another story altogether) said boy I cant wait to read the paper. But, as usual the leopard was harried by the loco and had no time to go the library and cite the sources that were all in her head ,so the paper got a C. What happened? Said the baffled professor. "the devil happened. I think he's real" retorted the student.

Of course the devil does not want people to know he's real, because then he can do whatever he wants. He's vain and he loves to vaunt himself, but even more than this he is mean and petty and jealous, he nurses his grudges which are many, and he loves to hurt Jesus.


the judge, who being brought up in a secular fashion, had no defense against the devil, simply passed on his hatred to the leopard, and when she refused his sexual advances said that SHE was punishing HIM. This is the stance the devil adopts century after century..nothing is his fault...he is always right becuase he has the power
In fact the leopard had to give up trying to help the judge when he sabotaged her efforts to work by trying to grab her rear end, and breaking her laptop once again.
Is she lazy and irresponsible or was she the victim of incestuous sexual assault during her entire life?
Rabbi if you saw me under hte fig tree, you are the Son of God. You are the King of israle.The "black moon" for those unfamililar iwth the term (as we were until this past week) is the third new moon.
A new moon is invisible to our huma eyes, but not to the eyes of God, if you believe.
Today's UR-ientation vacation meditation, for those of us who can't "take a vacation" we can still have one, if only in dreams.
St Bartholomeow the utterly frank, known as nataniel, who, when he heard that the crew had found God, laughed " you found God in the ghetto of Nazareth? yeah, ahhh..NOT." Was Jesus irritated? Did he say Hey slim who been talkin trash about my hood?" No. He admired the candid nature of Bart, and said, Look at this guy, he's POSITIVELY REALITY.
What is the lesson? Jesus knew the score..the hidden injustice that would ultimately kill him too.
As the leopard so often warned her fellow laywers who lied all the time to make themselves look good and her, bad, (judges, too) you are an officer of the court and you have taken an oath. you can lie to your own benefit here in court, but God sees everything and he will deal with this injustice at some point.
Some lawyers laughed, others became enraged, but Jesus sees everything, all the violence and the injustice that NOBODY HAFFIE KNOW.
And he sees the true hearted Nathaniels as well.
It cannot be said that the leopard did not love her enemies, for she was willing to marry the man who had found a wife for her brother, although to her that was hell on earth.
She approaached a priest. father do you remember me and X being in Mass every day? How oculd I forget, hes aid, how many young people go to daily mas every morning?
None, but you two.
The priest had only an hour to talk sot he leopard quickly explained her brothers illness and said, if you think I should marry X and give him citizenship, I will do it, for everything he did for my brother. Although the marriage would simply prolong my agony and I might go insane.
Dont do it, said the priest, he is no angel, and he will never ever let you go.
Truly this man had kidnapped the leopard often enough and imprisoned her in his room so t hat his own brother would not touch her.
The leopard went to him with the dangerous and potentially deadly news, that the priest had released her from bondage. But if she died in raleigh, at least she would die free. And by the way she said in tears, you treated me like SHIT for all these years. LIKE A DOG. thats the way I was brought up, he answered.


This is vacation week and "road trip" week where we tour the magical world of musical mazeratis, lyrical lambos and band-worthy bugattis--not to "boost" a bugatti, but to build our road forward.
Vacation orientation whatever you choose to call it, its time to look back and forward and "orient" your heart towards the light of life.
Where are we going now?
The wildcat crew never really got to take a vacation the way people think of it, but they did hone their creative skills, and made lemons from lemonade you might say.
Two years ago, you may recall Spring Break series with Leon and Matilda, and at the end of that summer, the Gabuzzo Brothers and the bensonhurst graduation, but let's be more academic and take a look behind the Horseshoe, the one that we sometimes use as an icon of uriels'.
Sure, Enzo Ferrari was a blacksmith and Lamborghini was a tractor freak, (is this accurate) and all these guys got funding form the US to fight commmunism ain Europe and thats not something in the owners manual but be that as it may, did you know Carlo Bugatti, born circa 1850, was a modern art afficionado? He would probably be in line at the MOMA if he were here today...and maybe...maybe he is! anyways..this week we'll be looking back at the gabuzzos and forward at whats in store for varsity valangas.

TELL YOUR STORY, TELL IT...don't let them scare you..tell the truth..

One of the most powerful weapons of organized crime, whether perpetrated by a family, a government or other organization of any kind, is the conspiracy of silence, the "plata or plombo".
As plombo and physical violence become less accepted, other forms of intimidation and manipulation become more widely used...
(see the Alabama Domestic violence trust for more on that, even though it is not at all certain that this judge does not also participate in the violence he claims to fight..because the judge in our story received awards for protecting children, even as he was abusing his own)

So..what you have heard in darkness saith the lord, shout this from the rooftops.


TODAY the connection isn't working very well-- Where indeed did the leopard get the habit of watching Padre Pio's Mass? Not only from the padrino, but also from some Montreal immigrant Italians, another place she fled when rejected and harried to death by her family...she met them at the Oratoire, where she was bingeing on the Eucharist to stave off despairm and wondering where she was going to sleep.
SHe had originally gone to the Oratoire with other refugees from domestic violence, who nonetheless refused to admit or discuss their realities outside the very private pilgrimage.
But the Leopard had literally no where to go..her sacrifice had made her homeless.
The followers of Jesus.. have not even a rock to pillow their heads.
The Oratoire had cheap oatmeal but the hostel cost more than $50 a night.
THe Italians saw the waif wandering about the tomb of brother andre and asked her over for pizza and homemade wine.
Of course you can stay here, tehy said, and borrow these clothes...sleep here...perceiving her weeping at night, the kindly farmer placed a radio by her bed, and said "its a transmission from San Giovanni Rotondo".
but its' the feast of patricia of naples and also Henry something we forget. For more on Patricia, the LLL poetry of lucius Linus and his Virgilian Masonic castle legend, you can check the internet..don't be lazy lol. Whats important about Patricia is she was trying to hide in a nunnery..sound familiar? Yeah.


Shortly after leon Matildas spring break, which followed immediately after the rogation commencement of april 25 2018, the company applied for some gardening grants. No matter if judges and locos had rousted the cats from their traditional territory...they would find a new place to call home.
The feds however seemilyly have a computer that tags every grant...even a grant of a couple of dozen PACKETS OF SEEDS worth less than $200.
While trump is trying to hijack the eleciton so he wont have to face the wrath of the Southern district of new york. Hello?
WOuld trump come and drive his tractor over the land so the campesinos wouldnt have to plow it up wtih shovels? doubtful, friends.
The feds admitted to the company that they kept losing the documents on purpose, to force trump to hire more staff and pay them a decent wage.
Will Nikki Haley talk about that in her fancy speeches? No, you can bet she will not, or if she does, she will lie to save her own skin, literally.
Once again, the poor pay the price, and the cat crew was racked by strife. That July 1st, a mystical event occurred surrounding the anniversary of the Padre Pio church in the 100th year of his stigmata. Pio suffered whatever it took, even reportedly stating that he would wait at the gate of heaven until all his children had gotten in (think about how long that might be) and his wounds seemed to call out to the cats "I GET IT. I LOVE YOU. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL."
the friars of SGR held a conference on mysticism, meanwhile the spirit seemed to say YOU MUST TELL THE STORY so the cats told the feds the truth...they were trying to heal and eliminate violent and deadly mental illness, in order to save their own skins... that is what their company was about.
But the feds played dumb and dumber all summer long, losing pack after pack of evidence, and by the end of August, Chalma season for the Mexicans and Ferragosto for the Italians...the hope of telling the story in safety was squashed.
THe government would wreck the asylum that had been so carefully constructed..exposing the vulnerable to death yet again.


We make joking reference to Kranium but in fact it is not at all a joke to cover up the motives and results of sexual activity.
If it is too expensive to have sex, people will do it anyway, then reject or kill their children or worse.
Pasolini was thrown in jail for saying things like this but it's true.
We need to talk about UBI as King did, as Yang does, for the safety of our society
If we can't talk about it and can only joke about it becasue we are afraid of the truth, we will never get past it.

Tolkien used fantasy to escape the horrors of WWI, and eventually he made a career out of plumbing the depths of the genre of faerie, to distinguish it from drama, dreams and delusions, and establish it as a doorway to heaven, which, being a daily Mass attendant and communicant, with an intimate friendship with his guardian angel, he did quite well. Do you not think the angel taught him many things, whether named Galadriel or Gandalf?

Ettore Bugatti tried to turn the cruel war machines and their combustion engines used to kill, into art forms resembling the beauty of a racehorse in full gallop.

Actors do this too, and if we examine the lives of actors who have somehow been touched by mental illness, we see this. Robin Williams as we have noted, masked his deep despair with cocaine and hyperdrive comedy

The Italians who play mafiosi often are mafiosi (read for example the story of Alex Rocca who played a Jew in the godfather.)

Jack Nicholson was famous for playing an inmate at a mental hospital, and also for delivering the government cover up line that echos through the ages..the one the presidents use from Nixon to Clinton to Bush to Obama to Trump, to cover up the truth..."YOu can't handle the truth".

Can we?
THe judges fury at the leopards chastity had its roots in his courtship of his wife, when his then girlfriend advised that they should not get married until they were ready to have children economically.
He did not listen, and the result was, a boy that grew up to be a violent, unstable, even more unhinged and dangerous than himself and ultimately, locked up behind thick concrete walls and chained to a bed in "four point restraints".
Imagine the guilt of this man, knowing the results of his lust would forever mar not only his world, but the world of so many others.
There was the leopard, living in his presence and not having sex with him or anyone else.
This kind of chastity is only possible for those who love the Eucharist, which the judge had no knowledge of though he ate it every week.
He had said that chastity was impossible and that lack of sex would drive him to violence, but the possibility of being chaste and non violent, the bedrock of hte life of Christ, was staring him in the face.
He just coulnd't take the guilt.

Comic relief

(this story is fictional and any basis in reality comes from gossip columns accusing Gertoli of mob ties).
perhaps as we reflect on bensonhursts past, we are permitted in this time of joy and recreation to reminisce about the graduation of Mariano Bertoli, whose soccer career just wasnt taking off like he wanted after high school. He went to see the Gabingos. I wnat a bugatti, he announced. And what can you do for me, said the taciturn gelly. Few matches here, few matches there, mario offered. Done, said jelly, tossing him the keys. The next day Mario rolled down Nassau in a bugatti to rival “only one Blau” the golden chariot driven by Flo rida. That night, he was visited by the ghost of gemz. Mariano, give it back. You shouldn’t.said gemz firmly. Aw come on doc, Mario whined, I have a reputation. “Diamond in the back, sun roof top, hummed gemz.

levels of the game.
Many people are familiar with memes depicting El Chapo as a largely unnoticed crime lord whose power and riches dwarf that of most bling happy "abercrombie gangsters".
El Chapo is that "one godfather to rule them all", just as Escobar was before him, and he basically ruled until the US with their ridiculous dirty resources vacuumed up from not only native america, but war torn Europe, colonial africa, starving china etc etc threw all that money at Guzman, just as they did at Bin Ladin.

The Sicilian Mafia, like the Aztec one, was born out of the ancient culture of the island, which had been overrun so many times that whoever was in charge "in theory" didn't really matter: the residents had their own system of keeping order. It is speculated that Mafia is an acronym for Mazzini authorizes furti incendi and assassini, because rich powerful criminals like Mazzini (think bezos and Zuck) will always buy out the poor who are simply in need of food. Pasolini wrote about this in relation to the suicide of a police officer in Scritti Corsari.

In the famous book Christ Stopped at Eboli, a well to do doctor relates his shock at the poverty of southern italy, but it is only poverty of a certain kind. in love and religion, remember, this culture produced padre Pio, "another Christ".

The leopard realized over time how powerful the padrino was,in his unremarkable row house on his unremarkable street, which is illustrated by the incident involving the hells angels. Try as she might, she could not shake the tail, and he was starting to ask her to watch dirty movies and get it on.
Is he scaring you? Let me talk to him, said the padrino with simplicity. One phone conversation with the brutal gangster, covered head to foot in tattoes and fond of cruising his choppers and mag cars around to point out the latest drug dealer mazeratis in the hood, and he said in his Rio Accent,"sicilian mafia", got in his souped up car and drove away, and was never seen again. A bronx tale isn't really that far off.