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Uriel University is the educational initiative of the Valanga di Vita Company, Inc. which is a 501c3 educational non profit designated by the Federal Government as a public service organization.
This means that donations are tax deductible, and furthermore, that anyone collaborating full time with this organization may have student loans entirely forgiven after a ten year period.
Uriels' is an ivy-league designed and vetted, online, crowd-sourced, grass-roots "rhyzomic" educational system grounded in experience and phenomenology and dedicated to the economically sound pursuit of, love for and engagement with reality.
It is the true thesis of someone whose thesis was never properly completed due to mental illness in the family, which she was forced to attend to and come up with a solution to, effectively alone, from childhood.
The economic and social value of such a project is clearly inestimable, though we are presently engaged in the time consuming and extremely resisted process of putting a numerical value upon it.
Visit the website KUNST FUR ALLE to see Klee's AND THERE WAS LIGHT. Visit youtube to listen to ALL OF THE LIGHTS fka GHETTO UNIVERSITY with ye and rhi rhi. LOL ok ok ok